We value the input from the patients and providers with whom we work, so that we may continually improve our services and be able to provide the highest level of care as possible.  The following are testimonials we have received.

“I referred a female friend, who was dealing with alcohol addiction and some mental health concerns, to Mesilla Valley Hospital for an assessment.  She was given an assessment and spent some time at the hospital. She has said nothing but good things about MVH and said the staff was very supportive.  In addition, she said the follow-up she has received since she left has made all the difference. The phone calls and encouragement have made her feel she’s not just a number or a statistic; she’s a person that’s cared about!” – Friend of a former patient

“I wish to have staff all congratulated for their care and positive support for me.  I feel so empowered now, and I have all to thank.  I also wish to have support staff recognized.  My room was clean and the bathroom was sanitary.  Dining staff was always willing to get whatever you wanted if they were able to. Thanks to all for helping in my recovery!!”  — Former patient

“If I or someone I love need treatment, this is the best to get help.  All staff were so helpful to me.  I will never forget.  The tech, nurse, doctor, and all are awesome.  Thank you.” – Former patient

“The therapist on the rehab program runs an excellent program.  He is a great therapist.  He is very thorough. He ensures the safety of his patients. It is easy to talk to him and he makes time to speak with you. I think the program is great.” – Former patient

“When my client arrived at Mesilla Valley, it was in the face of an acute incident triggered by memories of serious abuse. He was upset, scared, and could not control his anger.  Through the skillful care of [two MVH staff members], my client was able to calm down, stabilize, and successfully discharge from the hospital.  [MVH staff members] helped show him that he has the ability to rise above a dark moment.” – Community provider