Information for Providers Making Referrals

Mesilla Valley Hospital offers level of care assessments 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  A referral from a provider is not required. However, we encourage providers to be involved in the referral process, when appropriate, to help our staff determine the most appropriate level of care.  If you would like to refer someone, please call our Assessment & Referral Department at:

575.382.3500 or 800.877.3500

Please provide all information requested via fax at 575.382.9043.  Be sure your client and his/her guardian (if appropriate) sign all the forms to assure you will be able to obtain information you deem necessary.

Once a patient has been assessed, the clinical and medical staff will determine if the patient meets criteria for hospitalization.  Keep in mind, completion of an assessment does not guarantee admission.  A member of the clinical staff will contact you regarding the patient, as long as the appropriate release of information forms are signed.

An appointment is not required for an assessment, and we accept walk-ins.  If you are referring a client outside of the Las Cruces area, you may be asked to first refer your client to the nearest emergency room for safety reasons and/or for medical clearance.  Mesilla Valley Hospital works with all hospital Emergency Departments to review the referral, and if a patient is accepted for admission, transportation will be coordinated by the referring hospital.

Once a patient has been admitted to Mesilla Valley Hospital, he/she will receive a Patient Code Number.  Family members, friends and providers who wish to speak to the patient during visiting and phone hours must have this number.

During a patient’s stay, you may be asked to be involved in treatment planning, depending on what is determined by the doctor to be clinically-appropriate. You may be contacted by the therapist and treatment team with recommendations.  All recommendations will be made in the best interest of the patient.

Below you may download our Release of Information, which will be required for us to provide communication regarding any patients you refer to Mesilla Valley Hospital.  

Release of Information





To find out more about the Assessment & Referral process at Mesilla Valley Hospital, please call us anytime at: 575.382.3500 or 800.877.3500.